Homegrown dinner.

Not much beats a completely homegrown dinner. The feeling of going out in your small kitchen garden and simply pick what you need. In this case it was salad, courgettes, kale and chard. Together they became a perfect, easy, summer-veggie-dinner. We grilled courgettes, tomatoes (not our own yet!) and halloumi with thyme and sprinkled olive oil and lemon juice afterwards. The chard was fried with garlic in olive oil, the kale was finely shred, salted, oiled and also had a few drops of lemon juice. It was all served with a quinoa salad, a spicy hummus and yoghurt with honey and mint.

Det är ju inte mycket som slår känslan av att gå ut i den lilla köksträdgården och helt enkelt plocka det man vill ha till middag. Då känner man sig rik!



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